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My clients are so pleased with their coaching experience, they are eager to speak with you personally by phone. You can’t get a better testimonial than that!!

"As the Deaf Services Program Manager for the Baltimore Medical System, Inc., I have had the pleasure of working with Ava Barron-Shasho for the past eight years. Each and every time I refer my deaf and/or hard of hearing clients to Ava for behavioral health services, I know that they will be met with kindness and treated with respect. Ava’s most admirable skill is her passion – for her profession and for her clients well-being. Her tactics are joyful, encouraging, and positive, all the while maintaining a linguistically accessible, culturally affirmative environment for the deaf and hard of hearing. I wholeheartedly believe in the work that Ava does and I am so thankful for her partnership here in the Deaf Community."

– Zachary Z. Handler, Deaf Services Program Manager, Baltimore Medical System, Inc., Highlandtown Healthy Living Center

"Ava quickly identified some of my limiting beliefs about what was holding me back with respect to starting my own business. By asking insightful questions, Ava helped me to realize that I have more options available to me than I initially thought, and that I am able to design my ideal future using the resources available to me. Together, we brainstormed and developed realistic strategies for getting me toward my ultimate goal of being a full-time entrepreneur. Ava helped me get out of my own way!"

 – Annie Little, Lawyer, Philadelphia, PA

"Ava has taught me to celebrate and build on every victory. I am making conscious decisions, acting on them, and reaching my goals. Ava, you have done more than me than anyone before. You really have changed who I am for the better and changed my life."

– Kate F. Baltimore, Maryland

"Ava was such a good listener and knew the questions to ask me to get me talking! I didn’t think I “knew” what I wanted to do but after working with Ava she was able to help me tap into my creativity, and dig deep for the answers that I guess were already there. Thank you Ava!"

– Dana Platin, MPH BSW, Deputy Director-Peace Corps, Ecuador

"Ava is amazing. She provides you with a wealth of resources and solutions and asks all of the right questions. She is a positive force to be reckoned with and is dedicated to making you into one as well!" 

– Josephine Yun, Baltimore, MD

"I had a very successful Business year, far surpassing my goals for the year. Why was I hiring Ava then? Well, first the sales I had made for the year I feared would be a “fluke” year. I needed it to be my new “normal”. I wanted to work on systems of actions and routines that would keep the business achieving at that high level. I wanted them to be second nature and self-sustaining so that new business opportunities were always streaming in. Second, and most importantly, my success last year came at a high cost, time away from my family. I wanted to be able to achieve the same sales Goals yet, find time for my family AND myself. Early Burnout was a real concern of mine."

"Ava helped me do just that. I am well on my way of repeating last years’ numbers AND I’ve been making time for my family and me. She listened to my concerns and we worked on some very concrete systems that would enable my business to continue to blossom and produce at the same level and higher while planning for time for me and my family which I needed for resting and rejuvenating."

"Now I have my systems in place and a much more balanced work life and home life. Ava was encouraging and supportive while gently giving me that push to achieve the next level. If you are looking for someone who is your cheerleader but is pragmatic with finding practical solutions and systems to help you achieve and surpass your goals, I couldn’t recommend a better coach than Ava." 

– Effy Lamp, Baltimore, Maryland

"I was overwhelmed by my workload and lacked any work-life balance. Ava helped me to identify ways to become more efficient and reduce my workload, to inject creativity into my days so that I am more satisfied and confident, and to give myself time to relax and enjoy activities that take me “out of my head”. Her guidance has been life changing for me and my husband is thrilled that his wife is smiling again!" 

– Colleen Winters, Ph.D. Towson, Maryland

"After my first session with Ava my goals seemed more doable. She helped me to look at my space differently and break down my tasks into small doable sessions instead of one big over whelming task. Her insightful questions helped me to refine the changes I wanted to make and helped me to realize my roadblocks. She gave me great suggestions on how to work around them to achieve what I wanted painlessly. Thanks Ava for giving me the push I needed to make my piles disappear." 

– Stacey Kaye, Naturopathic Physician, MD

"I have advanced both professionally and personally with her insightful guidance." 

– Sarah D. Washington D.C. Senior Attorney

"You are different from the rest of all of the career coaches that I have had the misfortune to speak with."

– Tracy Brown, North Carolina

"Ava really helped me focus on improving my interviewing skills, and working with her gave me confidence in my job search."

– Colleen Pelser, Ph.D., Baltimore, Maryland